Amarillo Triana

The Spanish marble, Amarillo Triana, has delicate color of cream yellow with veining similar to the finest of vines with tiny feathered leaves. This stone is unique in so many ways, a beautiful application for any interior design project.


Crema Valencia

A lattice of egg-yolk veins crisscross a sun-drenched peach ground. The pride of Valencia marble.

Giallo Reale

A marble of pastel yellow serenity shaded with deep pink, like the perfect Veronese sunset.

Indus Gold

A golden toffee-colored stone, as intense as it is alluring.

Giallo Senape

Giallo senape and a sandy wave of golden marble. As consistent as the marble’s gold tone is, it is also heavily textured upon closer look.

Golden Spider

Golden and regal. This white marble has beautiful golden veins stretching across a blank slate. At closer glance, they appear as tiny vines, their beauty forever fossilized.

Giallo Sienna

The famed “egg-yolk” marble of Siena. You’ll find this heavenly stone in the Duomo di Siena.What makes Giallo Siena a truly unique material is its coloring, which embraces a variety of intensities and tones of yellow. Its ground varies from a pale luminous yellow, sometimes featuring hints of ivory, to heavier, coffee-colored tones, with branches of bright yellow bands whose edges shade into the ground, seemingly without interruption.

Van Gogh

Van Gogh is a very extraordinary stone. We all refer to the marble in stock as “Starry Night” and wonder if Van Gogh actually saw this natural phenomenon before painting the infamous masterpiece. Often we marvel at all the stone we acquire. We find it incredible that nature can create such wonders. The realization then hits that you are of nature yourself and that Mother Nature has a tremendous imagination.

Breche Du Vendome

Brèche de Vendôme marble possesses rich yellow tones amidst a cutting navy. This interesting stone has various colors that are all bright and high in pigment, maroons, violets, and the occasional green. Spontaneous at best.