Bella Rosa Onyx

Bella Rosa Onyx is a rainbow a various colors. It has layers of yellows, oranges, greens and whites.

Honey Onyx

Reminiscent of the layers of unfiltered honey. Honey Onyx is a collision of golden creams and caramels.

Orange Lotus Onyx

Orange Lotus Onyx is a quiet pond at sunset. Filled with floating lotus flowers taking on the reflection of the orange sky.

Onyx Miele

Beautiful subtle clouds of milky honey is what is pictured when looking at the Onyx Miele.

Arco Iris

This transparent Mexican onyx evokes colorful blankets spread beneath the brilliant Acapulco sun.

Blue Jeans

Blue jeans onyx looks like an artists favorite worn in work wear. An unrivaled blue and yellow beauty, like it’s namesake.