Starlight White

Starlight white is sugar-sand in the blue of early evening, its surface dotted with the footprints of scampering sandpipers.

Starlight Sand

The surface of the malecon beneath your feet on a hot summer morning as you wend your way to the beach.

Starlight Latte

This khaki-colored stone features a cafe au lait ground speckled with chocolate, coffee and cream. Stirring and delightful.

Starlight Frappe

Starlight Frappe is a frosty concoction, a creamy gray dotted with blacks and browns. Stir and serve.

Starlight Mocca

Mocca, indeed. This toffee-colored stone is flecked with caramel and chocolate. Irresistible.

Starlight Grey

A choreographed array of blackbirds in flight across a wintry sky.

Starlight Red

Starlight Red is a pink coral blur, a deep dive toward an exquisite sunlit reef.

Starlight Green

A verdant shower of green, light and dark, like a pond hidden deep in a lush forest.

Brilliant Grey

Brilliant Grey is the summer sky above your front lawn, late July. You’re lying on your back in the warm grass, gazing up at the stars and dreaming.

Starlight Brown

Starlight Brown is chocolate-bar beautiful, milk chocolate flecked with darker chips, a truly winning stone.

Starlight Corto

Starlight Brown is a deep mocha flecked with coffee beans and cream-colored drops, simply magnificent.

Starlight Ruby

A ruby red that could have stepped out of Matisse’s Le Desserte Rouge.

Brilliant Black

Like watching snow fall from a deep night sky, cool and beautiful.

Starlight Black

Starlight black is a mosaic of blacks, ink and smoky, punctuated by bright white bursts racing toward its surface from its deepest depths.