Rosso Alicante

Rojo Alicante is the classic Spanish decorative marble. Salmon-pink and crossed by milk-white veins. It has both a robust and warm background.

Rosso Laguna

Rosso Laguna marble has a rich red ground with a long pour of dotted veins mimicking ripples in a lake.

Rosso Collemendina

Warm and luminous, the “rose” of Villa Collemandina, Tuscanny. Rosso Collemandina marble is prized for its homogenous brick red ground with a web of beige veins.

Rosso Verona

Rosso Verona, the favorite marble of Verona, would be as delicate and elegant by any other name. It is extracted from the hills surrounding S. Ambrogio di Valpolicella in the province of Verona. Much of the historical center of Romeo and Juliet’s hometown was built with this romantic, brick-red stone.

Rosso Laguendoc

A marble as lovely as the South of France. Famed as the inspiration for artists such as Gaugin, Matisse and Van Gogh. Rosso Languendoc is a strong marble with a deep, bright brick-red ground that has been used at the Louvre and Versailles.

Calacatta Viola

Fine-grained Calacatta Viola marble is harlequined with crimson and violet veins, raspberries and burgundy swirled with white candle wax.

Rojo Coralito

The Rojo Coralito is a fine-grained maroon marble with white veining. Red sky during a sunset, the descent of a glowing sun.

Breccia Pernice

The mighty Breccia Pernice marble is a Veronese dream, fiery and luxurious, blend of crimson and apple-pink spotted with gold circles.

Rosso Damasco

A fine-grained portrait of a lava flow or the surface of mars. Rosso Damasco marble is as warm as a sunrise near The Tropic of Cancer.

Rosso Impero

Rosso Impero is rich in red and yellow. You can feel the warmth just taking in all of this fiery colored marble.


A marble showing fallen golden leaves swirl across the surface of a crimson sea, red velvet stitched with golden thread.

Rosso Lepanto

Rosso Levanto marble is the known for it’s rich red background and segmented white veining. Lepanto is quarried in Turkey.

Rosso Levanto

Rosso Levanto is the most widely used serpentine. This marble is quarried near the Italian Riviera. It’s dark red background is flecked with oregano greens and segmented white veining.

Rouge Griotte

Rouge Griotte’s ground is a deep volcanic red with white veins that take over. “Griotte” in French meaning juicy, describes how rich this stone’s natural pigment is.