Lilac Marble appears like a completed puzzle, interlocking pale violet shapes connected by black-violet veins.

Arabescato Violet

This marble has a white canvas that is engulfed by a gold fishnet, in areas tie dyed with strong violet veining. Unique in nature, this is a statement stone. Showcase the beauty the Arabescato Violet can bring to any project.


Fior De Pesco Apuano

Fior di Pesco marble (“peach blossom”) Classico Apuano will remind you of prosciutto, a lovely plum-red shading the statuary white of the ground. Its intermittent pine veining makes it unique and unforgettable.

Purple Haze

An incredible fusion of purple’s and greens, purple haze marble reminds us of Jimmy Hendrix song with it’s eccentric pattern.

Cipollino Ondulato Rosso

Feathery layers of purples, blues and reds seem to softly blow in the breeze on this amazing marble. Fanciful and Majestic.

Purple Rain

Much like the song, the deep purple on this marble has a cloudiness to it’s layers. We imagine a beautiful purple mist sprinkling from this dewy beauty.