Rosa Aurora

Rosa Aurora is a Portuguese pearl pink marble. Aurora is a fitting name due to the marble’s shimmering nature, much like inverted northern lights.

Rosa Egeo

Rosa Egeo marble is a pink Grecian beauty, like the last fade of a Thermaic sunset.

Rosa Aurora Pink

A fine-grained, coral pink marble with hints of sharkskin and sage.

Rosa Aurora Venato

Pretty in pink, this delicate Portuguese marble evokes a snowy hillside at dawn. A powder room classic.

Rosa Portugalo

Granular Rosa Portugalo marble is an Iberian treasure, varying in color from white to cream to pale orange to pink.

Rosa Salmon

A light pink marble with curls of grey dancing across it’s canvas.

Rosa Tea

Rosa Tea is a Turkish marble recognizable by its dramatic linear pattern. Its color varies from rose tea to pink bubblegum.

Rosa Perlino

An Italian marble with a suede pink color. A leathery look for your interiors.