Superlative quartzite is known for the glimmering strands of pyrite on it’s cloudy canvas. It’s as if the grey quartzite decided to dress for New Years Eve, wearing it’s finest silver and gold.

Austral Pearl

Cosmic striations are traveling across this quartzite. These colors remind you of those of a black pearl.

Super White

A gray-white Brazilian quartzite with distinct veining and an overall cloudy effect like an aerial photograph of an icy ocean.

Atlantic Lavastone

Atlantic Lavastone is a smooth seawater rolling in rivulets across dark glass. Splashed with glowing sea algae from the moonlight.

Quartzite Cielo

An ashy blue crystalline quartzite with golden veining, Quartzite Cielo has a perfect coolness with underlying earth tones.

Turtle Blue

An opulent quartzite. Turtle Blue’s field appears like a collection of turtle shells surrounded by sea foam veining, a geometric marvel.

Carbon Grey

Imagine a vast sea of volcanic ash spread across this quartzite ground. The wind wisps the dust in irregular striations. An imperfectly consistent tone of grey is then created.