Ataija Azul

A grey beige limestone with soft blue decoration, like beige paper spotted with drizzling rain.

Bateig Azul

This elegant, fine-grained gray limestone is almost monochromatic, perfect as an untouched canvas.

Thala Grey

Thala Grey is a rain colored stone with darker sections across its field. This limestone is like a lovely, unfinished mosaic.

Gascogne Blue

Gascogne Blue limestone is a hard, fine grained blue gray with darker shades of fossilized sedimentary rock. They twist across the ground like wayward rivers.

Jerusalem Grey Gold

Jerusalem Grey limestone is a beautiful mix of subtle grey with a pop of warmth. Many stones from this region have a gold tone. Reminding you of the opulence the ancient empire possessed here so long ago.

Grigio Fossil

This Turkish limestone is the color of ash and blackboards decorated with light colored shells. Containing the an undertone of the cool ocean floor.

Pietra Serena

Pietra Serena limestone is the “serene stone” of Tuscany. Its is the preferred stone of artists and craftsman.

Pietra Del Cardoso

This grey limestone is quarried in the Apuan Alps. Pietra Del Cardoso is a sleek grey limestone with delicate white veins that dash across it’s background.

Lagos Azul

Abstract and restrained. This dark grey limestone is quarried in Portugal. You can smell the ocean when in the midst of this limestone.

Ceppo Di Gre

This limestone is blue like the ocean floor in cool waters. It’s sporadic yet consistent canvas gives the stone it’s classic texture.