Legendary Campan marble was beloved of Italian scalpellini. They were enamored by it’s green chain link patterns.

Verde Jasmin

Verde Jasmine is an elegant light green stone. The marble’s minty background is home to light coral-colored undulations.

Green Paradise

A veined green marble which is light and, mellow and consistent in nature. The strong veining disappears into the light green color.

Verde Ming

Verde Ming Marble has a magical iridescent green background. If the frog from the infamous fairy tale, where when kissed turned into a prince, had a color- this iridescent green would be it.

Verde Laguna

A soft blur of greens and whites wash across the field of Verde Laguna marble.

Ming Green

Dazzling Ming Green’s most salient feature is its color which, in design and tone, is without equal. The ground is a light grass-green mass, some fairly bright patches, some shading to gray in a small, shapeless whole pervaded by a weave of green veins the same color as the ground but more vivid. These veins may run parallel or take an irregular path, which gives this stunning material real movement.

Quarried in China, Ming Green is mainly worked in slabs or made-to-measure formats to be combined with other colored materials for interior décor. It is also worked as solid stone for special pieces, its surface always polished. A fairly recent material for buildings, Ming Green is mainly used in luxury projects

Verde Antigua

Verde Antigua is a beautiful Persian marble. It’s mint green background hosts dark green veins and splashes of brightening white. The stone is preferred for luxury interiors and was used to decorate the bathrooms of the Hotel Villa La Massa in Florence, Italy.

River Jade

River Jade is exactly that, with it’s waves of green, reflective white and icy grey. The colors harmoniously drift across this marble.

Cipollino Apuano

Cipollino marble will remind you of green ripples in shallow tide pools. It’s a feast for your eyes, a masterpiece of undulating green and white twisting in latte swirls. Every piece of this lively stone is unique.

Cremo Tirreno

Cremo Tirreno’s ground is a warm ivory with delicate green shadings. The marble’s dark green veins are undulating waves across the ground, creating a pattern evocative of a storm-tossed sea.

Cipollino Drea

Cipollino is classic for it’s looping, wavy veining. These marbles look like pieces of art. The Cipollino Drea has softer transitions with colors and veining than other cipollino.

Arabescato Fantastico

The swirls of striations on this marble are so incredible of course this stone is called fantastico. The veining has notes of green, navy and gold tones.

Green Oasis

Green Oasis is rich with colors you may find on a lush field. The canvas is filled with greens, pinks, yellows and crystalline accents. The marble is truly an oasis.

Irish Connemar

Fit for a palace, elegant Irish Connemar marble is a Baroque and a Rococo legend. A mix of jade and grey. Emulating the colors of a fairy tale forest.

Cipollino Ondulato Verde

An incredible creation of the earth, striations of wavy greens and purples dance across the marble canvas.

Verde Antique

Originally named to evoke the beautiful Verde Antico of Greece. Verde Vermont Antique has developed its own stellar reputation as a prized American marble.

Breccia Fawakhir

An exquisite Egyptian marble beloved of artists and stonemasons since the reign of Rameses II, a mosaic of colors you might find on the surface of the Nile and deep in its riverbank reeds.


Exotic green marble. Like looking into the frozen surface of a pond.

Verde Laponia

Smoke delicately drifts across the rich pine background. This marble creates a harmonious contrast of colors. And to top, it’s glittering makeup gives it a certain type of glamour.

Verde Guatemala

This deep blue-green marble has veining like laid out freshly dyed yarn. It’s dark color shows the saturated cotton that has yet to dry.

Rain Forest Green

The lush, tropical green marble of India. Rainforest Green is a green serpentine marble with rich brown veining.

Empress Green

A snakeskin serpentine, Empress Green is a masterpiece, dark green brecciated with smoke and charcoal.

Nero Levanto

A dark green marble so intense it almost looks black. White veining harboring in the darkness, the elegance of the subtle green shows best near it’s brightness.