Elegant Brown

Shades of brown, burgundy, gray and lavender waltz across the face of Elegant Brown, a whispered sunset.


A carnival of color. Sensation is a spectacle of gold, cream and off-white hues. Quartzite are known for their durability.

Cristallo Smoke

Rustic veins trickle through grey crystals on this Quartzite canvas.

Paris 1919

A beautiful textured quartzite. It looks like the bottom of a fresh water river. We’ve given a unique name for this stone. If you stop by to view the whole slab, you will also see the scene we pictured.

Sequoia Brown

This Brazilian quartzite presents a woodland color palate of vivid grey streams threading their way through dark earth colored veining. This creates a beautifully expressive, leathered, extraordinary quartzite.


This quartzite is a shimmering copper-color with royal purple tones and caramel veining, alluring and bold.


This compact limestone breccia honors its namesake, warm cream veins twisting sinuously upon a black-coffee ground.