Blue Eyes

A pointilist dusk, iridescent blue stars shine in greeting, medium- to coarse-grained, an Anorthosite abyssal rock, beautiful and durable.


Tiberious granite is as charming as it is soothing to the eye. It’s rainy field awash in notes of chestnut and chocolate.

Giallo Veneziano

This granite is like a field of this coarse grained stone is the color of prosciutto di parma marbled with black and sliver.


Lapidus is a coarse grained granite. A regal golden parchment scrawled with black ink. Then dotted with light grey all over.

Imperial Brown

This granite is a view of our rosy gray earth at night, from space, the light of its cities ablaze. A medium- to coarse-grained sienite.

Baltic Brown

Baltic Brown granite is a vision of dark earth tones sprawling across an umbra backdrop. It gives off the same coolness of the blackish Baltic Sea. Granites are useful for many surfaces due to their strength and abrasion resistance.

Antique Brown

Antique Brown, like the Angola Black, also possesses medium to large grained crystalline hues of browns, blacks and iridescent flecks. The mixture of glistening tones have a velveteen allure, though this granite is highly durable at the very least.