Monte Bianco

A pure white sugary background with wisps of blue dancing across the stone canvas. Some may think the contrary- a cloudy day with a bit of blue sky peering through the cracks. Monte Bianco marble makes you think of a snowy mountaintops.

Namibian Sky

Namibian Sky is a breezy day with clouds moving over a summer blue sky. This white marble has a slight glisten when light shines upon it. Namibian Sky emit’s elegance.

Azul Cielo

Azul Cielo means blue sky. It’s an airy Brazilian marble made up of a a confetti of sky-blue, minty green and silvery white.

Alternate Names: Arabescato Sky Blue, Arabesque Sky Blue, Azul Argentina, Azul Celeste, Azur Celeste, Argentina Sky Blue, Azur Cielo, Azzurro Cielo, Blue Argentino, Azul Paraiso

Calcite Azul

A cool autumn sky over Ipanema, light and lovely. Blue and green streams flow diagonally across a soft grey field. Calcite Azul marble is icy in texture with it’s crystalline makeup.

Calcite Azul Extra

Much like the Calcite Azul marble, the colors are much richer in Calcite Azul Extra. Clean and crystalline in appearance, this marble has a coolness that permeates throughout.

Lapis Azul

Lapis is as mystical as they come. Tied in with ancient history as a regal and powerful blue stone.


Sodalite marble has a rich blue background. This royal stone is so blue its field achieves tones of lapis lazuli, punctuated by clouds of white.