Phyton Light

An extremely dreamy and durable blue quartzite. Phyton Light is a sea of crashing waves or a cloudy windswept day.

Blue Fusion

Blue fusion’s bold colors swirl through a field of blue iris’s and violets. A crystalline quartz – a dramatic quartzite, a liquid fire.

Blue Mare

Vivid ocher veins take muscular turns across the field of this exotic quartzite.

Azul Macaubas

Azul Macaubas is distinctive for its azure to white ground with bright blue veining. This quartzite is like slivers of blue sky framed by wisps of clouds.

Azul Imperiale

This imperial, medium grained Brazilian beauty features a lively succession of azure, green, and lavender veins. Quartzites are known for their durability.

Crystal Tiffany

Crystal Tiffany is similar to the classic Tiffany’s color. Because of this, it’s so easily identifiable. This unique blue-green quartzite is truly one of a kind.