Mont Bleu

Mont Bleu granite is a rainy winter beach, a mix of gray and taupe and creamy blues.

Sienna Bordeaux

Sienna Bordeaux appears like the end of a beautiful evening, candle wax and red wine. This is a beige gneiss with cinnamon swirls and pepper-colored flecks, which brighten its white background.


More subtle of the beige granite, Balthus has a softness transitioning from layers of grey, beige, and golden tones, with notes of smokey crystallization scattered across the slab. Granite are suitable for an array of surfaces due to their strength and abrasion resistance.


Copenhagan is a scene from Fall. Golden leaves are spread across a beige landscape. Hints of green grass peek through the canvas.


Sienna Beige

A warm cappuccino froth with warm toffee speckles of onyx and obsidian. Coarse grained granite like Ipanema sand.

Blanc Du Blanc

A map, one made by Jackson Pollack, vanilla bean ice cream crisscrossed by sweet cherry syrup roads.

Delicatus Vintage

An ash-colored granite marbled with white and light-gray quartz, here and there a soft golden sunburst. Like an overcast sky trying to make up its mind.